An Auto Photographer You Should Be Watching

Via Easton Chang

Via Easton Chang

Easton Chang is an Australian based photographer who has a job many of us would envy: photographing beautiful automobiles around the world.

He’s been featured in many major magazines and worked with many major brands include Cadillac, Jaguar, and Audi.

Easton was one of the first photographers outside of major advertising companies to shoot rig shoots. He started in 2002 photographing his mother’s Honda Accord. Now, it’s a large part of his work.

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My Photography Courses Led to my Australian Documentary

I spent most of my youth peering through the lens of a camera, obsessed with capturing beauty like catching a beam of light piercing a veil of clouds, or the way the ocean sparkled as its waves lapped at the California beach using techniques I learned through amateur photography courses.

Now that I’ve grown up and become a dedicated photographer, California just wasn’t enough for my ambitions. This is why, when I stumbled across a job doing a documentary photo shoot in exotic Australia, I leapt at the chance and signed up immediately.

Hopping aboard a plane the very next week, I was bursting with excitement as it touched down at the airport in Sydney. When I stepped out of the plain, I was struck by the pleasant heat and the smell of salt in the air, so familiar and yet so different from my home back in distant California.

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Avoid Photography Disasters with these Healthy Habits


I enjoy every bit of photography, which brings me so much joy and satisfaction. However, my schedule as a photographer tends to totally insane at times.  I have had times when I had 4 – 5 photo shoots in one day, without having much of a break in-between. Don’t get me wrong, many of these gigs have been awesome and have helped me earn a few extra bucks along the way, but my health tends to take a beating in the end.

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How to take Stock Photos for Real Estate


Just exactly what are “stock photos”?  Stock photos can be seen all over the place, from the web, brochures to billboards.  Stock photos are a necessary for marketing and attracting customers towards purchasing a product.  This is especially true when it comes to showcasing homes in the real estate arena. Photographers play a key role in this market, as what they capture will either attract or drive away customers. So it’s essential, to shoot real estate shots with the customer in mind.

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Learn to Capture Great World Travel Shots


As a passionate photographer, you’ll always have your camera on hand to capture anything of interest that catches your eye. These shots could be taken from just about anywhere in your circle. But having the opportunity to travel around the world and photograph in some of the most exotic destinations, is a photographers dream.

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